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Watch TV3 Malaysia Online Live Streaming. The Slogans of TV3 Malaysia from Time to Time. Despite the fact that TV3 Malaysia has a controversial issue in 2010, this TV channel is still one of the best that you can find in Malaysia. That is because this TV channel has a lot of nice TV programs that attracted the attention of all of the audiences in Malaysia. As an addition to that, the TV channel was started in 1984, which means this TV channel is old enough.

That is also one reason why this TV channel has changed its slogan from time to time. Of course, that was done to create something to suit the need of the audiences as well as the programs that they deliver to the audiences. Here are all of the slogans from this TV channel that you might want to know.

You can watch and stream live all Media Prima channels including TV3, ntv7, 8TV, and TV9 online legally at Tonton. Tonton is one of the biggest video streaming websites that provide free and unrestricted access to local content.

The following is the list of every Media Prima channel you can stream live online. Click on any link and you’ll be re-directed to the channel on the official website. Happy watching!

TV3 Live streaming here :

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