Live streaming kuala lumpur vs melaka united 19.6.2019

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Perlawanan liga super hari ini kuala lumpur vs melaka united 19 .6.2019.

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n straight on matches the voyaging group has won in 66% of matches. The home group has won 33% of the time.

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur are presently in tenth spot in the Super League on 13 points.

In the most recent year, Kuala Lumpur have played 28 amusements. Their general record is: Won 7, Lost 18, Drawn 3. They normal scoring objectives per match is 1.32. Their protection has given away 2.29 objectives per game.

They had a trek to Selangor on Saturday for a Super League installation. This time they lost by 1 objective to 2.

PKNP made the excursion to them a month ago in the Super League. It finished as a ruinous presentation where they ran out the simple victors 4-1.

MISC facilitated them for a Super League conflict in May. They lost by a solitary objective, 0-1.

Their home record so far this season is: Win 46% – Loss 46% – Draw 7%.

Taking a gander at their home objective scoring structure, they have found the middle value of 1.62 objectives per game. They have released 1.77 objectives per game.

Melaka United

The away side has 23 points and they are presently in the fifth spot in the Super League.

They have played 29 coordinates in the most recent year. They have won multiple times, lost multiple times and had 8 draws. The group has scored a normal of 2.03 objectives a match. Their protection has released 1.45 objectives per game.

Terengganu made the excursion to them in the Super League on Saturday. This one was an earnest 3-3 attract and they needed to make due with one point each.

They had an excursion to Perak a month ago for a Super League installation. They won 3-2.

They had an outing to Kedah for a Super League coordinate in May. This time they were beaten by a score of 1-2.

They have won 35% of matches when playing endlessly in the most recent year. The misfortune rate is 42% and 21% of matches have finished in a draw.

They have scored a normal of 1.5 objectives as the guests. They have released 1.5 objectives each game

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