Tonton online poor seniorita episod 26.


Dia memberi sebahagian asetnya kepada Deborah, makciknya dan selebihnya disedekahkan. Rupa-rupanya laporan penyakitnya tidak tepat. Rita cuba mendapatkan kembali asetnya daripada Deborah, namun makciknya itu enggan memberi Rita sebarang harta. Keadaan bertambah parah apabila Deborah mengupah seseorang untuk membunuh Rita.

Rita was the only daughter of her father, Daniel. Her mother died when she was still a kid so she was raised by her father alone. As an only child, Rita grew up like a princess and all she want is transmitted.

Their family owns a soap factory. Rita’s mom nurtured their business before she died and eventually left it with Daniel’s management.

But Daniel will die because of gastric cancer and would orphan Rita. Before he died, he will tell Rita not to merely trust anyone. Claims to have no reliance on anyone except herself. Rita will take her late father’s advice to her heart. 

Joining Rita is Deborah, her sipsip auntie. Rita will use her late father’s remaining savings to start a small business, a perfume factory named “Señorita Scents”. Because of her skills and good strategies, she will increase it. But with Rita’s innocence, Deborah will act underhanded to claim her treasure.

Rita will be thorny in their business. She will not trust anybody. She makes impossible demands and when it didn’t meet her expectations, she evicted her employees. Even if she doesn’t raise her voice, her cold treatment is enough to scare the people around her. Because of her habit, many people became angry with her.

Rita will have a major impact on her life when she was diagnosed with gastric cancer like her father. The doctor will tell her that she has only three months left before she dies.

Rita decides to give away some of her assets to auntie Deborah and also donated her other assets to various charities. As soon as she died, she would want to experience love but she fails. She will attempt to commit suicide but will realize she can’t. Instead, she would pay a hitman to kill herself.

But shortly, she will discover that she was just misdiagnosed. That she doesn’t really have to die anytime soon! This detour terminally ill, she would withdraw all of her money, but she was too late. Deborah withheld the money given to her by her niece. Even the charities she had given money to do not want to return it. She’s left with almost nothing.

With no longer money, Rita has been still pursuing her hitman. Deborah set fire to push the hitman to continue kill her niece. Rita will hide in every edge of the world. Fortunately, there are five children refuse to help her. They were Kyla, Rambo, Charisse, Apol and Girlie.

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